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September 18-20, 2023
ICTM 2022

Rosemarie Wagner

Rosemarie Wagner, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference 2022
Rosewelt Natural Medicine Praxis, Switzerland
Title : Organ language Methodology of the Language of Organs


Organs cooperate with each other; they are lenders and loan recipients. Organs live in partnership, in a balanced relationship with each other. Organs perform the perfect language, nurturing, balancing, sustaining, and giving the body as a vehicle the best starting position for its activity. The language of the organs allows to understand the evolution of the symptoms until a developed disease. It is about the regression of this disease until health is restored. Once the language of the body is understood as a response to the subtle processes of the mind, the further biochemical reactions, the nerve stimulations, the disease disappears. Man becomes mentally and physically healthy and his own best doctor. Each organ stands for a multi-layered organization, for manifold processes, for great intelligence and absolute connection to our mental power. Imagine that your thoughts precisely control the work of your cells and further of your organs. A disease is the extreme, violent expression of a constantly wrong mind-course. which even leads to a degeneration of organ functions and tissues. The organ language, in addition to the understanding of organ functions and organ tendencies, also enables to recognize which distinctive states the respective organs have tried to express. Besides functionality, organ language also takes into account the psychological influence of the mind on organs and vice versa. - - What should the liver detoxify if the person's mind sees only toxicity, is distrustful, frightened, and sees life as a constantly hard struggle? - - How should blood cells as life source giving power start their great journey in the body, if the insufficient self-love does not motivate them to live? Basically, it is to be understood that the awareness of symptoms is generally based on the organ work.


Rosemarie Wagner has been a naturopath with a legal background for 22 years and practices in Switzerland in the Lucerne and Bern area. Since 2014 she has a federal diploma for Traditional European Naturopathy. Growing up in a family with a tradition of healing, including shamanism, she was already at an early age able to deal with extrasensory perception, the observation of disease symptoms from a medical and spiritual perspective, as well as the most diverse facets of human creativity. In a sensitive and impressive way she links physical symptoms with the underlying mental attitude.