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September 05-07, 2024
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Lamya Hayat

Lamya Hayat, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference
Kuwait University, Kuwait
Title : Extraction of 4 bioactive materials from arnebia decumbens from Kuwait desert- used as antibacterial & antifungal agents


Arnebia decumbens (AD) plant belongs to Boraginaceae family. The roots used for extraction of bioactive materials. The extract contained 4 different components. They were: shikonin (E), deoxyshikonin (B), shikonin-isovalerate (C), and shikonin-acetate (D), identified using the modern spectroscopic techniques including IR, MS, ¹H-NMR, and ¹³C-NMR. The Biological activities of these compounds have been tested against two different microorganisms. These were Candida albicans (C. albicans) and Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Selectively, two of the 4 components (D and E) had an inhibitory effect on both microorganisms. Comparing the inhibitory effect (33.3%) of the antifungal drug ‘Clotrimazole 50 mg/day’ on C. albicans , D and E (60 µg/day) gave more efficient inhibition (49%) with no side effects. Gastric ulcer caused by H. pylori is medically treated by a triple therapy (Amoxicillin 1-2 g, Clarithromycin 1g, & omeprazole 80 mg/day. The dose = 3080 mg/day). It was reported that the previous therapy resulted in 70% inhibition, with deleterious gastric side effects. The two shikonin derivatives (D and E) had an inhibition ( 41.6 %) of H. pylori ,with a dose of 0.06 mg/day . Hence, D and E could confidently replace the triple therapy with no side effects.

Audience Take Away:

  • Will it improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem.
  • If an extract of a plant had multiple functions then one should consider extracting with different material.
  • This work can be stretched to be studied in different fields.


Lamya Hayat received her BSc. from the American university of Bierut 1975 , The Msc in Kuwait from biochemistry dept.1980. travelled to University college London for her PhD in bioenergetics 1983. The post doc.  was in UCL from 1985-1986.Another post doc was spend in Michigan university -USA ز
Exceptional women of excellence gifted by Dr. Harbeen  Arora ( Global chair person ). presented in  Women Economic Forum 2019, 11-16Th April. Nd – India.
Global Women Peace Ambassador based on accomplishment in Women’s Empowerment. Women Federation for World Peace International. 11 October 2022