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September 01-02, 2022 | Online Event

ICTM 2022

Fai Chan, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference
Keynote Presentation
Fai Chan, Deli Aroma LLC, United States

Almost every American likes eucalyptus globules/Peppermint, a ketone rich essential oil. It is interesting that ketone in aroma medicine is a harsh component especially harsh for people with epileptic seizures. However, a recent research on Rheumatoid Arthritis discovered that mi [....] » Read More

Wendelin Niederberger, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Wendelin Niederberger, Visionary Success Academy, Switzerland

All people want to grow old. Nobody wants to be old. So the question arises, why do you want to grow old if you don't know what for? In Japan there is a concept called Ikigai. "Iki" means «life» and "Gai" means «purpos [....] » Read More

Martine Negro, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Congress
Keynote Presentation
Martine Negro, Nature Care Wholistic Medical Centre, Australia

Yang Sheng is the original Daoist practice of “Nurturing Life” in harmony with universal laws, primarily by cultivating one’s mind. It is a fundamental concept in Chinese Medicine and is becoming more and more relevant in our modern society where it can be calle [....] » Read More

Rosemarie Wagner, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference
Keynote Presentation
Rosemarie Wagner, Rosewelt Natural Medicine Practice, Switzerland

Organs cooperate with each other; they are lenders and loan recipients. Organs live in partnership, in a balanced relationship with each other. Organs perform the perfect language, nurturing, balancing, sustaining, and giving the body as a vehicle the best starting position for i [....] » Read More

Raffaele Pilla, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Oral Presentation
Raffaele Pilla, St. John of God Hospital, Italy

It has been recently shown that nutritional ketosis is effective against seizure disorders and various acute/chronic neurological disorders. Physiologically, glucose is the primary metabolic fuel for cells. However, many neurodegenerative disorders have been associated with impai [....] » Read More

Kenneth R Pelletier, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences 2022
Oral Presentation
Kenneth R Pelletier, University of California School of Medicine, United States

Biology is no longer destiny. Our DNA doesn’t determine our health and disease prospects, as geneticists once believed. According to the new science of epigenetics, the vast majority of our genes are fluid and dynamic—and their expression is shaped by what we think an [....] » Read More

JIE CHEN, Speaker at Traditional medicine 2022
Oral Presentation
JIE CHEN, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Objective: To investigate whether the active compounds from Radix Rehmanniae (PA) switch local immunological response in complete Freund’s adjuvant-induced (CFA-induced) inflammatory models to alleviate localized inflammatory response and nitrative damage. Method: Twenty [....] » Read More

ZHANG Lu, Speaker at Traditional medicine 2022
Oral Presentation
ZHANG Lu, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Objective: To investigate whether the Ganoderma Lucidum Spore (GLS) powder could alleviate the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by attenuating the activation and polarization of microglia both in vivo and vitro. Methods: C57BL/6N female mice (~10 weeks, n=7  [....] » Read More

Oral Presentation
Sunita Teckchand, clinical aromatherapy, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates

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Ajay Bapusaheb Sonawane, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ajay Bapusaheb Sonawane, Ayurveda Consultant and physician at Kalpana Ayurved Hospital, India

Abstract: Standardization of Ayurveda formulations is a need of present era. Advance analytical test helps for standardization of Herbomineral formulations Hinguleshwara Rasa in Ayurveda. ICP AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometry) Elemental qualitative [....] » Read More

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