HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.
Hybrid Event
September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2022

Effie Poy Yew Chow

Effie Poy Yew Chow, Speaker at ICTM 2022 Congress
Founder and President, East West Academy of Healing Arts, United States
Title : Qigong: A Way of Life's Miracles


There is a great misunderstanding that QIGONG is merely an exercise and meditation process. 

QIGONG, a concept of THE TAO is the basic theoretical tenet of the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Health/Life .  QIGONG  IS A WAY OF LIFE's MIRACLES!  We must revive the reverence that Life itself is a miracle.  Therefore, everyday and all that happens is then a miracle. In our extensive and intensive life of technology and science, we have unfortunately lost much of our spiritual-ness and emotional concepts of life. In the Chinese life concepts, spirit, mind, and body is of one entity...not separate.  One affects the other.  Qi means breath, energy, oxygen, or life-force,  Gong means to work with, cultivate or manifest the Qi.  Breath/Oxygen is life and without breath/oxygen is death! Insufficient breath/oxygen will result in dis-ease or imbalance resulting in spiritual, mental, or physical illness and early death. It is as simple (and yet complex) as that!

Every culture has a name for this Qi.  For example, Qi in China, Ki in Japan and Korea, Mana in Hawaiian, Prana in East India, the Greater Spirit in American Indian, Voodo or Hoodoo in Africa, Kinetic Energy in America, Fuerza vital Qi in Spanish etc.

  • The basic premise is that Qi-energy is the basis of all things (including what we label as inanimate!) and is interconnected totally as in the concept of Quantum Physics.  Therefore ALL things animate or inanimate are Qi-energy and affect on one is affecting all. 
  • There are interesting essential theories such as Yin/Yang, Law of the Five Elements, Microcosm within the Macrocosm, Integrated spirit, mind, and body, the Tao, Buddhism, Confucian teachings, and many more…

An imbalance of Qi can be rebalanced with special skills and techniques including attitude. for example having the right positive mental attitude and speech and action (PMASA)! There is an integral relationship of the spirit, mind, and body!  An imbalance of one will affect the others.

Qigong/TCM has been under-rated and under-utilized.  It is the most exciting self-help system to revolutionize the stagnant western medical system plagued with serious life-threatening side effects of medicine and surgery.  JAMA had reported that Iatrogenic disease is the third cause of death in the hospital next to Heart and Cancer!

In this presentation, demonstrations will be made to show the immediacy of results of CIHS/Chow Medical Qigong practice and how patients diagnosed with "imminent death" referred by physicians, live healthily for many more years with the practice of Qigong! With the proper utilization of the Qi Empty Lifeforce through touch, foods, words, even thoughts! And also in remote or distance healing.   It demonstrates that the existing Qi is in all existence, animate and inanimate.

I will also show how one cannot push or move a line of many people, but with the utilization of the "Empty Qi force" and breath, can easily move them right across the huge 30 feet stage

I will present cases of where hopeless comatose imminently dying clients regain immediate consciousness and full life functions and live for another 7 years to 90 years of age and then assisted the same person to die quickly from a delirious pneumonia comatose state to being fully conscious and passed quickly with dignity and happy surroundings.  Another case of one teaching for 12 years in a wheelchair who with two sessions  of CIHS/CMQ walked into the classroom teaching on her feet for 5years before she retired.

I will present cases of exceptional Qi power to carry out seemingly impossible feats such as the Shaolin Temple Monks; a Master who can in extreme Yin,  stand on two cartons of raw eggs and paint a beautiful painting in under five minutes, then turn around into extreme Yang can pull a van with his Qi-endowed male organ known as the famous crotch Qigong.  another Master who can within one minute, turn mud into sand by turning his body temperature to 2000 degrees fahrenheit known as white heat.

There are many more...

Therefore this presentation is a beginning introduction to the exciting concepts of "wholeness" of ALL Life, rather than isolationist concepts. Also to "unbelievable" power that humans do possess and needs to be developed for one's ultimate dreams and goals in life.  The above extraordinary feats demonstrate that a human being has greater unimaginable potentials and can affect our everyday lives and the potential self-healing of our own challenges and promote self wellness and healthier life to a much greater extent than we are now!

My special prescription is: daily at least have 8 Effie Chow heart to heart hugs and 3 belly-aching laughs to stimulate the Qi!!!


Dame Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow, PhD in higher education, RN in public health and psychiatry, Masters in Behavioral Sciences and Communication,.  LicAc(CA) and National Diplomat (NCCAOM), Qigong Grandmaster developed the Chow Integrated Healing System/Chow Medical Qigong (CIHS/CMQ). She has received over 20 awards for her contributions to bettering the planet. She was honored to be part of the most prestigious CAM policy development councils: eg. President Bill Clinton’s White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WCCAMP); The Office of Alternative Medicine mandated by Congress which became NIH’s National Office of Integrative Health. One of 11 honorees at the First World Museum on Chinese Medical Qigong in Tzouchou, China 2016. Invited to over 20 hospitals/universities world-wide to serve "hopeless" patients and successfully  healed or helped them quickly transition with dignity.  Her best "life-teachings" is her lovely Chinese culture oriented family of 8 brothers and sisters!