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ICTM 2022

Jack Kaguu Githae

Jack Kaguu Githae, Speaker at ICTM 2022 Conferences
The school of alternative medicine and Technology, Kenya
Title : Comparative potential and apraisal of integrated utility value of diverse discplines of alternative medicine


The prevailing global crisis threat microbial resistance to common anti-biotic coupled with the emergency of new incurable diseases and such epidemics like HIV AIDS, Ebola, COVID-19, monkey pox etc. .. is compelling people to revert to alternative medicine all over the world. However, one of the greatest challenge facing new comers in to the alternative medicine sector it’s the diversity of the therapeutic discipline within the very wide spectrum of the alternative therapies which vary from very milled therapeutic impact like acupressure and massage to very effective wholistic impact like in herbal cocktail therapies. Other therapeutic disciplines of alternative medicine use spirituality and psychics energy and are sometimes mistaken for magic and witchcraft. Because of this diversity and complexity of the entire spectrum of alternative medicine there is a real need for professional/ scientific comparative appraisal of the diverse discipline of the alternative medicine therapies. The purpose of this paper therefore is to develop and utilize appropriate/professional/scientific criteria of realistic appraisal of the diverse alternative medicine discipline. To enable the consumers of the resource whether they are patients, scholars or researchers to make appropriate choices when the need to utilize either of the discipline arises. It is not a very easy exercise but am lucky am fairly conversant with most of this discipline through my practice as well as in my work as a trainer in the area of alternative medicine for many years. In conclusion I am sure the paper will be useful in the global endeavor of propelling alternative medicine to the next level in the advent of climate change and global warming.