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Jawad Alzeer

Jawad Alzeer, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences 2022
Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries, Switzerland
Title : Halalopathy: The role of entropy in the aging process


Diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are often referred to as age-related diseases. The main causes of these diseases are remarkably similar to the causes that can lead to aging. Therefore, some researchers consider aging as a health problem rather than a natural process. It is clear from the literature that there are many factors that can cause aging, but efforts to reverse, stop or slow it down may be completely misguided. Aging is clearly a natural, spontaneous process that can be better understood by looking at a natural, spontaneous process that occurs in a living system. Spontaneous processes, such as catabolic processes, are mainly driven by entropy, suggesting that entropy formation and accumulation may play a key role in understanding and controlling the aging process. Entropy is a dispersed or suppressed form of potential energy that tends to generate heat. The accumulation of heat leads to highly imbalanced conditions that can promote the development of disease or accelerate the aging process. Entropy is inversely proportional to potential energy, and any increase in potential energy or decrease in entropy can contribute to healthy aging. The immune system plays a key role in controlling the aging process. Fright and flight mode accelerate the aging process, while activating fight mode delays the aging process and reduces age-related diseases. Potential energy can be used to fight entropy. Activating anabolic processes, growth hormones and maintaining an anabolic thinking can increase potential energy. Avoiding anxiety and grief, reducing food intake, minimising stress, maintaining a balanced heat flow and avoiding a catabolic thinking can reduce the formation and accumulation of entropy.


Dr. Alzeer has completed his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1995, from ETH The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Postdoctoral Studies from School of Pharmacy, Michigan University, USA. He is the Director of Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries and founder of Halalopathy. He has published more than 52 manuscripts, patents, and book’s chapter in reputed journals and has been serving as a director of Halalopathic research unit. Dr. Alzeer is a docent and senior scientist at Zurich University and his research is mainly involved in the synthesis of valuable compounds.