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September 01-02, 2022 | Online Event
ICTM 2022

Deby Atterby

Deby Atterby, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference 2022
ATMS, AIA Australia, Australia
Title : Australian Native Essential Oils in Aromatic Medicine


Explore the world of Australian native essential oils and extracts within the concept of aromatic medicine in clinical practice. Uncover the underpinning concepts of aromatic medicine and clinical aromatherapy as they apply to clinical practice in general. In a particular discussion on why certain essential oils are chosen in formulations for particular pathophysiology and how these Australian native essential oils can interact with the COX-2 suppression pathway. Discover the development of clinical protocols for utilization with specific case studies, in particular shingles and urticaria. Work through the development of these specific formulations utilizing Australian native essential oils and extracts which can be replicated and implemented within your clinical practice. Throughout the development of the formulations, also understand the chemical components of the Australian native essential oils and extracts as they apply to these clinical case studies.


Deby Atterby is an active Aromatherapy educator and clinical practitioner with over 30 years of experience. She has continued to be active in an aromatic medicine and clinical aromatherapy as well as Western Herbal Medicine and trained internationally since 2001. In 2008, she undertook the task of editor and publisher of the industry magazine, “ Aromatherapy Today International Journal,” ( which assists aromatherapists with their continuing education in the aromatherapy realm and Deby provides an in-depth profile of an Essential Oil in each volume. Deby instigated the first 2 day Aromatica Australia conference in 2015, which was well attended by therapists from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan, who were all treated to wonderful presentations by guest speakers in their field. As a result of the first Aromatica Australia conference, Deby has continued running the conference in 2017, 2019, and 2021. More recently, Deby has been recognized as an expert in Australian native essential oils and has many case studies to demonstrate their efficacy and benefits in a clinical environment and along with her colleague, educates predominantly in the use of Australian Essential oils. She then has since written a book on Australian Essential Oils, which was released during the 2021 virtual Aromatica conference and is being sold worldwide, available on