HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.
Hybrid Event
September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2022

Sunita Teckchand

Sunita Teckchand, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Congress
clinical aromatherapy, United Arab Emirates
Title : Aromatherapy For People With Determination


Working with people of determination is extremely challenging, yet intensely satisfying according to Sunita. Using pure ‘A’ grade organic essential oils can help with several conditions like autism, ADHD, down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and more.Sunita’s journey down this road began almost immediately after her graduation as a clinical aromatherapist when she got her first client, aged 4, with severe cerebral palsy. The connection that she made with a child on the unseen energetic level made her more aware of the multi-faceted healing powers of essential oils. This opened up a sea of possibilities in her head.In order to further her research she voluntarily gave time over many many years to 2 reputed centers for children living with these challenges. During her research in this field, she has worked with, and supported many participants and their families with an astounding success rate at varying degrees.In this webinar, Sunita will open a discussion on a few of her basic ‘go to’ essential oils that she prefers to use regularly on individuals with these conditions. Her invaluable experience in this field is first hand, from which she has learnt many lessons that will stay with her forever carving out who she is today. Sunita credits her exponential growth and her empathic nature to these learnings, which she was lucky enough to experience so early on in her career.


Sunita Teckchand completed her clinical aromatherapy education in 1998 from Hong Kong, and presently lives and works in dubai, UAE. She is the owner and principal tutor of ‘The Holistic Alternatives’, where she teaches the IFPA accredited program on a digital platform. She also markets her own brand of organic essential oils - ‘eSSensuals’. She has personally tutored and mentored students that have graduated on to become successful therapeutic massage practitioners and clinical aromatherapists. She has been interviewed on radio, television and magazines. She has also published several articles. She currently is an external examiner, a trustee and continues to be a board member of the IFPA since 2019.