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September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2022

Wendelin Niederberger

Wendelin Niederberger, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences 2022
Visionary Success Academy, Switzerland
Title : The Japanese secret of a long healthy life


All people want to grow old. Nobody wants to be old. So the question arises, why do you want to grow old if you don't know what for? In Japan there is a concept called Ikigai. "Iki" means «life» and "Gai" means «purpose». This philosophy has been internalized by the people of Okinawa, and in fact most people there grow very old and are very healthy. In large-scale studies it has been found that health does not depend on a healthy lifestyle. The basis for health is knowing what you want to live for in the first place. Those who do not know their "reason for being" feel an inner emptiness. The inner emptiness leads to the need to fill it. This happens to most people with unhealthy behavior. Sweet and fatty foods, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking or in the worst case drugs. Healthiness does not remain who lives healthy, but who lives his reason of being, his Ikigai. This is confirmed by all the studies that have been conducted about this topic.  What exactly is Ikigai and how can one find it? This ist he topic, the audience will learn more in this presentation. Wendelin Niederberger has developed methods that make it easy for people to find their Ikigai and integrate it into everyday life. His credo is: "You only get sick if you don't know your life's purpose."


Wendelin Niederberger is the author of the book ‘‘Taoist Face Reading”. (German Edition) He describes in this book the importance of knowing a persons face features in order to integrate and foster the inner skills and talents. His new book «Finde dein Ikigai» (German Edition) goes even deeper into the topic of finding «The Reason for Being» in life. In his younger years Wendelin Niederberger studied with taoist masters in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. He lectured in his taoist academy chinese astrology, mien shiang and taoist feng shui in Europe and England. He has been translating the old taoist wisdom into a system which describes the destiny of people. In he’s research he found, living according to the roadmap of the soul is crucial for a healthy vital life. The individual plan each and every soul brings into this life has to be integrated in order to keep the body, soul and spirit healthy.