HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or work.
Paris, France
September 01-02, 2022 | Paris, France

ICTM 2020

Peter Hansen Volkmann, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Peter Hansen Volkmann, Naturopathy Medical Practice, Germany

Volkmanns trio of culprits The three most important causes of chronic disorders such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, endometriosis and infertility, as well as of orofacial imbalances and periodontitis are bad eating habits, disbiotic intestinal flora of the microbiome and n [....] » Read More

Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Congress
Keynote Presentation
Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, Director of the Yoga Institute, India

Dr. Hansa ji is a highly learned Yoga guru who has the knack of connecting with her audience and explaining even complicated topics in such a simplified manner that people are able apply these concepts in their own lives and experience the benefits. Mental health is one such subj [....] » Read More

Rosemarie Wagner, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Rosemarie Wagner, Rosewelt Natural Medicine Practice, Switzerland

Organ Language is a self-organized dialogue. The moment we listen and understand how the organs speak to each other, we perceive and recognize the cause, so self-healing occurs. Diseases have this meaning! An illness, including cancer, can be cured if the cause is understood spir [....] » Read More

Fai Chan, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Congress
Keynote Presentation
Fai Chan, Deli Aroma LLC, United States

Clinical Aromatherapy is still a newly emerge healing/treatment protocol in the medical world, which its scientific bases needs to be proven and studied to yield a popular acceptance among the medical professionals. The word “Rubefacient” stems from the use of the dru [....] » Read More

Huang Wei Ling, Speaker at Medicinal Plants Conference
Keynote Presentation
Huang Wei Ling, Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil

Introduction: Western medicine’s cancer treatments focus on the destruction of the diseased cells. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cancer is the manifestation of the body’s energy deficiency and Heat retention. Purpose: To demonstrate that cancer patients ha [....] » Read More

Raghda A Maksoud, Speaker at Global Event on Ethnomedicine
Keynote Presentation
Title : Plant medicine
Raghda A Maksoud, Director of Ebers School of Aromatherapy, United States

Plants are highly intelligent; they survived thousands and thousands of years. It all started by discovering the Ebers Papyrus, Ebers Papyrus was the first record to separate Magic from science and it contains more than 800 recipes of herbal preparations for various diseases and [....] » Read More

Huang Wei Ling, Speaker at Medicinal Plants Conference
Oral Presentation
Huang Wei Ling, Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil

Introduction: A headache or cephalalgia is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. Headache is a non-specific symptom, which means that it has many possible causes. According to traditional Chinese medicine, headaches can be caused mainly by Liver syndromes but can also [....] » Read More

Amrita Sharma, Speaker at 
Traditional Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation
Amrita Sharma, Amrita’s Ayuryogavidya, A centre of excellence for wellness and holistic health, India

Since the eon, man has discovered the power of nature. Nature energizes, kinder, and shows the path of greater wellness. The ancient Indian science of yoga and Ayurveda has proved its promising role in providing the nature cure. Yoga is the art of balancing body, mind, and soul. [....] » Read More

Lenka Govender, Speaker at online Natural Therapies Conference
Oral Presentation
Lenka Govender, PlantHappyGirl Nutrition, Ireland

It’s natural to look for comfort and pleasure during stressful and uncertain times like COVID. And the easiest way for us humans to find comfort is through food. That’s why it’s no wonder that so many people have gained weight over the last couple of months. In [....] » Read More

Keri Brown, Speaker at Innovation in Ethnomedicine Workshop
Oral Presentation
Keri Brown, Center for Wide Awake Wellness, United States

Beyond the Band-Aid: This seminar focuses on the use of homeopathic and natural medicine for self-limiting accidents and illnesses that happen at home, in the field, clinic, or while traveling abroad. We cover specific remedies, an in-depth look at a variety of first aid situatio [....] » Read More

Rose Ngono Mballa Abondo, Speaker at Natural Remedies Webinar
Oral Presentation
Rose Ngono Mballa Abondo, Yaoundé I University, Cameroon

Although the contribution of the immune system to health protection is known, therapeutic correction of system hasn’t been achieved. Several works, including of Andrieu JM and Tempero M.A. et al (1977), dedicated Levamisole in the search for a substance which strengthens th [....] » Read More

Shahryar Eghtesadi, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shahryar Eghtesadi, Azad University Science and Research Branch, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Given the fact that optimal immune and inflammatory responses are needed to contain the infection, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of high dose pomegranate extract administration on oxidative and inflammatory responses after infection induction in septic rats . S [....] » Read More

Bogyo Erzsebet, Speaker at Natural Therapies Conferences
Bogyo Erzsebet, Be Fit For Ever Ltd, Hungary

I n this presentation I will talk about the benefits of practicing qigong, how it has a highly positive effect not only on the physical body, but the emotions and mental state of mind as well. I will bring examples from my two days’ workshops to showcase what can be achieve [....] » Read More

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