HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Madrid, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.
Madrid, Spain
September 05-07, 2024
ICTM 2020

Lenka Govender

Lenka Govender, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference
PlantHappyGirl Nutrition, Ireland
Title : 3 simple, yet profound steps to losing COVID weight


It’s natural to look for comfort and pleasure during stressful and uncertain times like COVID. And the easiest way for us humans to find comfort is through food. That’s why it’s no wonder that so many people have gained weight over the last couple of months. In this lecture you’ll learn how excess body weight impacts your health and why it’s an underlying cause of chronic disease. We’ll talk about the 3 main changes you can make to your diet from your next meal which will lead to healthy and sustainable weight loss. We’ll discuss why willpower is a short-lived commodity and why focusing on it during weight loss doesn’t work. You’ll get tips on what to master instead and how to get over any vulnerable moments which you may experience. We’ll close with tips on how to avoid pitfalls and the most common mistakes anybody can make when trying to lose weight


Lenka Govender completed a Degree in General Nursing in the Czech Republic in 2004 and worked in a hospital neurological department for 2 years. In 2012 she completed nutritional therapy studies at the College of Natural Medicine Dublin and became a nutritional therapist. In 2016 she earned an e-Cornell Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition and in the same year established PlantHappyGirl Nutrition. Today, she supports women on their journey to healthy and sustainable weight loss. She runs short courses, offers one-to-one sessions, and gives talks to inspire others on their journey to a healthy life.