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Madrid, Spain
September 05-07, 2024
ICTM 2020

Rosemarie Wagner

Rosemarie Wagner, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Rosewelt Natural Medicine Praxis, Switzerland
Title : Organ language - Do you understand how your organs talk to you?


Organ Language is a self-organized dialogue. The moment we listen and understand how the organs speak to each other, we perceive and recognize the cause, so self-healing occurs. Diseases have this meaning! An illness, including cancer, can be cured if the cause is understood spiritually. The organ language provides access to hidden connection on the physical, mental and spiritual level. What would the liver say if it could talk? What do the eye complaints have to do with the Liver? What influence does the colon have on neck pain or skin? Which thoughts strengthen or weaken the organs? Like a language course, organ language uses external malfunctions, characteristics and symptoms to teach how to recognize and link them to one’s own mind. The ethereal minded created energies - consciously/ unconsciously - create physical reactions. All about organ depressions, the nature of the organs, the corresponding glands, vertebral bodies, active metabolism, mental power and the messages of the individual organs, as well as the effect of food are explained in topic-related courses. As well as which support on physical, mental and spiritual level is appropriate.


Rosemarie Wagner has been a naturopath with a legal background for 22 years and practices in Switzerland in the Lucerne and Bern area. Since 2014 she has a federal diploma for Traditional European Naturopathy. Growing up in a family with a tradition of healing, including shamanism, she was already at an early age able to deal with extrasensory perception, the observation of disease symptoms from a medical and spiritual perspective, as well as the most diverse facets of human creativity. In a sensitive and impressive way she links physical symptoms with the underlying mental attitude.