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ICTM 2020

Peter Hansen Volkmann

Peter Hansen Volkmann, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Naturopathy Medical Practice, Germany
Title : Bio-logical cybernetics from inflammatory bowel disease and holistic solutions via muscle, meridian, organ and nutritional medicine


Volkmanns trio of culprits

The three most important causes of chronic disorders such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, endometriosis and infertility, as well as of orofacial imbalances and periodontitis are bad eating habits, disbiotic intestinal flora of the microbiome and nutritional deficits of trace elements etc.

Volkmanns trio of therapies

A change in diet, including a switch to locally grown organic foods, with avoidance of processed foods and other sources of food chemicals. hoT substitution for biological improvement of food, Orthomolecular intestinal regeneration – in two fourweek stages – with microbiome-promoting preparations.


Peter-Hansen Volkmann originates from an old farmer family in Frisiae in Germany. His ancestry treated since about 500 years beside of their animals with chiropractic or osteopathy also men. He studied medicine in CAU Kiel and founded his medical practice at Luebeck in 1989. During the 90-ies he developed the hoT – hypoallergenic orthomolecular therapy and founded in 1998 hypo-A GmbH for the production of pure, really clean vitamin, trace elements etc. He is an international author and congress speaker in Europe, USA and Arabia and publishes 3 books and a lot of holistic papers international.