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Huang Wei Ling

Huang Wei Ling, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil
Title : The importance of the treatment of energy imbalances and chakras energy replacement for prevention and treatment of cancer


Introduction: Western medicine’s cancer treatments focus on the destruction of the diseased cells. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cancer is the manifestation of the body’s energy deficiency and Heat retention.

Purpose: To demonstrate that cancer patients have energy deficiencies and Heat retention as root and also chakra’s energy deficiencies in the lowest level. The balance of the energy deficiencies, taking out the Heat retention, replenishment of the chakras energies is important to prevent and treat cancer patients.

Methods: Three clinical cases reports. All three patients with cancer diagnoses (case one: thyroid; case two: uterus; case three: lungs). All three patients were found to be at their lowest level of energy (through radiesthesia), rating one out of eight. Treatment consisted in reestablish the equilibrium between Yin, Yang, Qi, Blood and taking out Heat retention through Chinese dietary counseling, auricular acupuncture with apex-ear bloodletting, homeopathy according to the Constitutional Homeopathy of Five Elements Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and crystal-based medication.

Results: The first two case reports were cured of their cancer condition without any treatment by Western medicine, only with the treatment done. The third patient, though, was already under radiotherapy and chemotherapy but through the treatment previously described the metastasis disappeared and he achieved a better physical and emotional health state.

Conclusion: TCM believes that energy deficiency and Heat retention causes cancer. Treatment with Chinese dietary counseling, auricular acupuncture, apex-ear bloodletting and recharge of the Chakras energy can be a path to prevention and treatment of cancer patients.


Huang Wei Ling, born in Taiwan, raised and graduated in medicine in Brazil, specialist in infectious and parasitic diseases, General Practitioner and Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist. Once in charge of the Hospital Infection Control Service of the City of Franca’s General Hospital, she was responsible for the control of all prescribed antimicrobial medication and received an award for the best paper presented at the Brazilian Hospital Infection Control Congress (1998). Since 1997, she works with the approach and treatment of all chronic diseases in a holistic way, with treatment guided through teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hippocrates.