Online Event
September 24 -25, 2021

Bernd-Michael Löffler

Keynote Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Bernd-Michael Löffler
Bernd-Michael Löffler
Institute for Mitochondrial Medicine, Germany
Title : Vitamin D revisited: A hormone and its important so far neglected function for health


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Dr. Bernd-Michael Loeffler studied Human medicine and parallel to that he completed Diploma in Biology from the University of Goettingen, Germany in 1988. He is continuously trained in Male Medicine, Orthomolecular medicine, modern integral oncology and molecular genetic pharmacology. He was the research associate and assistant professor in Max-Planck Institute for experimental medicine. From 1994 he was the project leader in pre-clinical pharmacy research at F. Hoffman-La Roche (Switzerland) and later obtained vice director position. On 2005 he founded his own private clinic IPAM- Institute for preventive and aesthetic medicine later founded PpmM- Private Practice for mitochondrial medicine and ImM-Institute for mitochondrial Medicine located in Berlin, Germany.He achieved 80+ Medline cited publications, 400 Oral presentations, 4754 citations, RG Score- 36.5 and h-Index is 36.