Online Event
September 24 -25, 2021

Katarina Mark

Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Katarina Mark
Katarina Mark
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Title : Complementary and Alternative treatment of Multiple Sclerosis


Background: People suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) commonly use Complementary and Alternative Medicine due to the partial efficacy of conventional treatment, the chronic aspect of MS, the impact of pain and side effects of medication. An exploratory descriptive case study consisting of three cases was performed to document and analyze patient experience of Applied Kinesiological treatment of patients suffering from MS. Methods: Qualitative interviews were conducted with three patients who have been diagnosed with MS at a neurology department and simultaneously sought CAM-treatment by a kinesiologist. The interviews were open-ended, semi-structured. A second interview was conducted for validation. The interviews produced texts that were analyzed through phenomenological-hermeneutic text analysis. Each individual case report amounted in a cross-case synthesis. Results: Themes that emerged from the interviews where: having hope, trusting the kinesiologist, diet changes essential, loosing trust in the health care system, feeling confused and getting better. The experience of Applied Kinesiological treatment has given the informants a sense of hope, trust and increased health. During comprehensive understanding it was found that the patients experienced being able to make changes for life, getting past their diagnose of MS and being able to experience increased health through AK treatment. Conclusion: The interviews comprise phenomenological-hermeneutic narratives of health, of the becoming of one-self in the body and the AK treatments have assisted the patients into the home-likeness of being-in-the-world, an experience of becoming whole. Parallel to this the patients experienced their MRIs stabilizing during the AK treatment period. They experienced transcending their MS diagnose.


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