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Allied and Complementary Medicine

Allied and Complementary Medicine
  • Complementary Medicine in Healthcare
  • Osteopathic medicine
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Speech Language and Audiology

Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine refers to a set of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that are used along with conventional medicine and does not replace standard medical practices. For example, acupuncture is used to help lessen some side effects of modern cancer treatment. Complementary medicine differs from Alternative medicine. Complementary medicine is when these therapies are used along with traditional Western medicine. Alternative medicine is when these methods are used instead of conventional medicine.

Allied Sciences

Allied health Science is a type of medical discipline that deals with all kind of diagnostic techniques which are being used in medical sector. For example: blood analysis, histopathology, pathological analysis, radiography. Allied health sciences are very vital for the treatment of the patients. With diagnosis depending on technology, the role of allied health staff has become crucial for delivering successful treatment.

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