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Hiroyoshi Tahata

Hiroyoshi Tahata, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Hiroyoshi Tahata
Japanese Rolfing Association, Japan


Hiroyoshi Tahata has worked as a Rolfing practitioner since 1998. He joined the Rolf Institute faculty in 2009. As a Rolf Movement Instructor he brings to this work a depth of creativity and understanding that integrates the principles of structure and function through a gentle and non-invasive approach to transformation. His background in biochemistry clearly bridges the inquiry between science and art. Hiro’s work is grounded through experience and enriched by a thriving practice. His unique approach called as the Art of Yield, promotes profound experience and physical geometric balance. He offers workshops on yielding and ma in Japan, which provide credits toward Rolf Movement certification and continuing credits for IASI (International Association of Structural Integration).