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September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2021

Rosemarie Wagner

Rosemarie Wagner, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference 2022
Rosewelt Natural Medicine Praxis, Switzerland
Title : Organ language - How do organs communicate themselves?


Symptoms (chronic symptoms) recurring signals of the body. Who doesn't know them, the messengers of our organs, the language of our body? Symptoms that somehow don't want to go away. Have you been treating a symptom, an illness, for a long time? But as soon as one symptom is gone, something new comes up? Imagine that your body keeps sending signals. A ringing in the ears, a feeling of tension in the back, a feeling of pressure in the stomach, recurring symptoms, discoloration of teeth, nails, hair loss, blurred vision? You don't know what this can lead to or what it means? Organ language is a self-organized dialogue. The moment we listen and understand how the organs speak to each other, we perceive and recognize the cause. A symptom, a disease fulfills a purpose. The body lives out what the human being does not live with his spiritual, mental aspects. Organs cooperate with each other; they are lenders and loan receivers. Organs perform the perfect language to give the body as a vehicle of the human being the best platform for its work. E.g., heart symptoms can and may be related to the partner organ, the small intestine. Lung symptoms often have their cause in the large intestine and vice versa. The work of the urinary bladder moistens the eyes. Because organ language is very complex, I will use two examples in this talk to show this amazing cooperation. This knowledge allows to correctly identify causes of diseases and to treat them more efficiently.


Rosemarie Wagner has been a naturopath with a legal background for 22 years and practices in Switzerland in the Lucerne and Bern area. Since 2014 she has a federal diploma for Traditional European Naturopathy. Growing up in a family with a tradition of healing, including shamanism, she was already at an early age able to deal with extrasensory perception, the observation of disease symptoms from a medical and spiritual perspective, as well as the most diverse facets of human creativity. In a sensitive and impressive way she links physical symptoms with the underlying mental attitude.