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September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2021

Ana Marija Jagodic Rukavina

Ana Marija Jagodic Rukavina, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Title : Maintenance of lesser pelvis health with body technique exercises


A deeper understanding of pelvic floor issues through the connection between exercise and health will be emphasized in this presentation, with the aim of achieving overall health. Incontinence is one of the biggest public health problems, especially in countries with aging populations. Maintaining continence is becoming one of the most important prerequisites for pelvic health and overall health of the individual. There are many factors that lead to incontinence, such as chronic illnesses, conditions affecting pelvic organs, injuries, bad habits, malnutrition, addiction, insufficient physical activity, etc. All activities focused on prevention and adequate incontinence care should be done for the purpose of keeping the person/patient healthy and postponing the occurrence of weakened function; the patient should be an active partner and active stakeholder in his own health.


Body technique makes a difference in the way people treat their own body and their feelings toward it, because it emphasizes the power of breath, movement and intention, which all power the life force running through us. A sedentary lifestyle accelerates the disconnect between the mind and the body and results in the loss of life force. We see that our body, just like the Earth, has energy nodes (power spots); one of the most important ones lies in the pelvic region. By generating our inner strength through the pelvic floor and deep intimacy with our own life potential, every system in our body wakes up. If we ignore pelvic functionality from inside out, our potential can stay hidden and locked down our whole life. We will therefore present the subject of 25 years of our work – Body technique philosophy – which offers numerous answers and practical, adaptable conclusions concerning this topic. Body technique is a holistic body workout combining both eastern and western sciences, which strengthens the relationship between the mind and the body and goes far beyond that. In this presentation, we will differentiate the isolated, old Kegel approach for the pelvis from the new, holistic perspective of Body technique. The holistic approach means that we will discuss how other bodily systems are directly connected to overall pelvic functionality and multidimensional potential. We will emphasize what can be done for men and women (in the vaginal and anal regions) in everyday life for the purpose of prevention of serious incontinence and prolapse in the modern world, in order for people to be healthier, happier and more self-confident.


Jagodic Rukavina, a PhD student at the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagresb, studied Kinesiology at the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and received her MA in 2004. 25 years ago, she created a new kinesiological activity under the name Body technique. She makes the most of her above-average creativity by coming up with new educational programs and new systems of exercise, as well as by combining the knowledge and experience gained through working with many clients into a holistic approach to helping people with various psychophysical imbalances. She is the founder and director of the PBS Centre of Sports Excellence and Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique.