HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.
Hybrid Event
September 18-20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
ICTM 2019

Martine Negro

Martine Negro, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Congress 2022
Nature Care Wholistic Medical Centre, Australia
Title : Yang Sheng (nurturing life) through energetic management


Yang Sheng is the original Daoist practice of “Nurturing Life” in harmony with universal laws, primarily by cultivating one’s mind. It is a fundamental concept in Chinese Medicine and is becoming more and more relevant in our modern society where it can be called “Energetic Management” on all levels of our being. The presentation will cover the distinctive components of Chinese Medicine as an Energy Medicine and the benefits of actively engaging the patient during the consultation and treatment. How Chinese Medicine works naturally with the universal laws. We will discuss the three essential components of a consultation that allow the patient to practice Yang Sheng. All ancient texts of Chinese Medicine emphasize the Shen as being the primary cause of diseases and how it is to be cultivated throughout life. I will share a simple process with the participants so they can experience a taste of it for themselves before they can use it in their own unique way with their patients during treatment. It is a simple yet very powerful way to get the patient involved in their own healing journey and access what is the message “behind” the symptom so the Shen can be more at peace. We need to put more of our focus on the person and help them to gain more understanding about their own energy, trust their intuition and take more responsibility for their own well-being while enjoying professional support.


Martine Negro has been an acupuncturist and member of AACMA for over thirty years. She is the co-founder of the Energetic Diploma at Nature Care College Sydney (1998) and senior trainer in various topics related to energetic well-being. She is the author of “Hacking the Well-Being Code through energetic intelligence” designed to engage people in their own health and give them the core understandings behind true well-being (Yang Sheng in our modern times).