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September 01-02, 2022 | Online Event
ICTM 2019

The health effect of living your vocation according to taoist face reading

Wendelin Niederberger, Speaker at Ethnomedicine Conferences
Visionary Success Academy, Switzerland
Title : The health effect of living your vocation according to taoist face reading


I n chinese medicine every point in the face is a reflection of a corresponding body part according to the 5-element circles. In the old day’s doctors of chinese medicine used the face of the patients to recognize health issues by describing marks, color, wrinkles, puffiness or skin irritations. They also related the face features in their size and proportion to one of the five element patterns. Depending to the person’s elemental correlation they treated patients differently. They also knew how to describe the personality of the person referring to the facial uniqueness. Face reading (mien shiang) is a vital part of the traditional chinese medicine system for more than 3000 years. Only few people know that there are also signs in the face which describe your vocation, talents and even skills. Even your unique personality is describable by the features of your face. In the old days, there was not much chance to live a life according to your talents. You had to find a preoccupation in order to survive. Nowadays human beings are searching more often for the meaning of life. ‘‘Why I’m I here”? is a question more and more people ask. Scientist’s studies prove that people who found their purpose of life live longer, healthier and with the feeling of fulfillment. People who know their calling, their vocation and their life plan live a healthier live, have less illness and have a stronger constitution. All this is shown in the features of every face. The very basic of conscious health is to live a life according to your traits you read in your face features.


Wendelin Niederberger is the author of the book ‘‘Taoist Face Reading”. (German Edition) He describes in this book the importance of knowing a persons face features in order to integrate and foster the inner skills and talents. His new book «Finde dein Ikigai» (German Edition) goes even deeper into the topic of finding «The Reason for Being» in life. In his younger years Wendelin Niederberger studied with taoist masters in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. He lectured in his taoist academy chinese astrology, mien shiang and taoist feng shui in Europe and England. He has been translating the old taoist wisdom into a system which describes the destiny of people. In he’s research he found, living according to the roadmap of the soul is crucial for a healthy vital life. The individual plan each and every soul brings into this life has to be integrated in order to keep the body, soul and spirit healthy.