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September 01-02, 2022 | Online Event
ICTM 2019

Combining the cutting edge with traditional method - Reducing cosmetic procedure recovery time by half through the use of aromatherapy

Fai Chan, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conference
Deli Aroma LLC, United States
Title : Combining the cutting edge with traditional method - Reducing cosmetic procedure recovery time by half through the use of aromatherapy


According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2015, there were 14.2 million people undergoing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. That number is increasing each year as more people are interested in improving personal appearance without having to go through plastic surgery. Of those cosmetic procedures involved, the top five are Botox (type A), soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. Based on the experience of my clients, those who have undergone this kind of procedures have to bear with redness and pain (sometimes dryness) for an average of 5-7 days. Actual duration varies from person to person. As a clinically trained aromatherapist, those clients come to the author for two reasons. First, they believe in aromatherapy and want to heal faster. They are working women, and they want to look good at work. Second, they are not satisfied with the advices or products given by the dermatologists or plastic surgeons. This presentation is a sum up of the clinical findings on all those cases the author has successfully treated her clients with amazing results which wowed the doctors. Those doctors even requested a sample of the product to further examination. In this presentation, the advantages of cutting-edge technology of CO2 extraction over traditional methods such as cold pressed and steam distillation in the extraction of carrier oils and essential oils will be discussed. It is essential to know that “less is more” concept be applied to product formulation. Examples will be given for illustration. Cases with pictures of before and after pictures will be used for demonstrating the potency of aromatherapy related product. If you have been using aromatherapy and CO2 for years but still find it not impressive, then it is time to think “why”, “how”, “when” and “what”. This presentation not only tells you the facts or evidence but also points to the way that you can improve your formulation to better serve your customers.


Clinical Aromatherapist Fai Chan started her career in 2014, when she was still a student, she already published research findings with international Aromatherapy journals. In 2015, she served the board of a world leading aromatherapy association (Alliance of International Aromatherapists). She was also the chair of the publication committee. Deli Aroma LLC is dedicated to holistic healing protocols and research. Grounded by pharmacology, her specialties are in the healing of psychiatric/neurological issues and diabetes. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework, with the synergistic effects of combining the therapeutic approach with chemistry, her remedies are very effective.