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Madrid, Spain
September 05-07, 2024
ICTM 2019

Susan Whittaker

Susan Whittaker, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Susan Whittaker
Wellsong Energetics, United States


Susan Whittaker grew up near Mt. McKinley in a village far from outsiders where her father watched for Russian Bombers. She gained the original love and closeness to nature that few people ever see or can imagine. She also learned much about the value of electronics and service to others. After attending college in Oregon, she began teaching children. Fate had her meet Steve Jobs, who closely followed her innovative use of an Apple. He later awarded her the annual Apple logo T-shirt that says, “I changed the world.” Steve said she was gifted with vision and guidance from above. After Dr. Robert Rowen made her the first person cured of a certain poisoning in 1983, she dedicated her life to promoting alternative and holistic medicine. After retirement she ventured into sales for 7 years interacting with 400,000 people and breaking corporate records while trying only to educate, not sell. Three years ago, she was inspired to quit and get involved in energy medicine. This led to the fact that dowsing has an important role in medical services where there is a fine line between knowledge and inspiration and between memory and intuition. Dowsing enhances one’s receptivity to intuition and inspiration; and from Source comes great guidance. She has created unique services and products at Wellsong Energetics LLC and is writing the Dowsing Docs series of books. She teaches dowsing to holistic doctors, naturopaths, veterinarians, dentists and individuals from many walks of life. Her services help everyone access the goodness above. Sue says she is just a simple person who grew-up in remote Alaska and has nothing special to give, except love. Yes, but she has out-of-body experiences, psychic downloads, telepathic ability, time-travel and synchronicities almost daily that lead her to be a creative genius and administrative powerhouse for the benefit of all. Her company Wellsong Energetics, LLC offers innovative products and services that directly and effectively optimize the energy profile of people and animals. Our products utilize the principals of advanced, esoteric science described in cutting-edge Energy Medicine books, journals and conferences to produce world-changing advancements in achieving wellness and enhancing the effectiveness of medical services.