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Madrid, Spain
September 05-07, 2024
ICTM 2019

Fossion Jean

Fossion Jean, Speaker at Traditional Medicine Conferences
Fossion Jean
Group Investigation of dys-Autonomy (GidA), Belgium


At present Jean Fossion, MD, organizes accredited lectures for physicians in assignment of the Belgian state institution for illness and invalidity (RIZIV). He is president of the group for the investigation of dysautonomy (GidA). He organizes medical acupuncture in the basic course of the Netherlands (NAAV). He is invited speaker for the scientific association WAVAN (Netherlands). He is consultant for integrative medicine in hospitalassociations Zeno, campus Knokke. He gives lectures on sympathovagal balance and heart rate variability (HRV) and is external consultant for the center for complexity studies in Mex-city (UNAM/C3). He is vice-president of the Belgian association of medical acupuncture in Brussels (BVGA), reponsible for scholarship, homologation and accreditation.