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September 24 -25, 2021

Sabine Zeitler

Potential Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference - Sabine Zeitler
Sabine Zeitler
International Society for Chinese Medicine, Germany
Title : "Tuina-massage" treatment of craniomandibular dysfunction


Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD) is characterized by clinical symptoms of the chewing muscles and/or the jaw joint and the related structures in the head and mouth. From the point of view of Chinese Medicine, CMD can be the result of a number of different pathogenic mechanisms: bi-blockages (occlusiones), yin energy deficiency in the kidney and liver functional systems (depletio yin renale et hepatici, shen gan yin) or energy deficiency (depletio, xu) in the spleen and stomach functional systems (oo. lienalis et stomachi, pi wei). In all these cases Tuina treatment, often in combination with other methods offered by Chinese Medicine, can contribute to an improvement or a complete remedy for the patient.

The author first of all describes suitable pain-alleviating and muscle-relaxing techniques for the area affected. The author then describes the procedure with regard to the three pathogenic mechanisms mentioned and indicates appropriate Tuina components. She concludes by explaining the therapy to be administered with the help of a case study.


Sabine Zeitler is physiotherapist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Osteopathy. Since 2001 she is active in her own practice in Munich, Germany. Since 1996 she is member of the Societas Medicinae Sinensis (International Society for Chinese Medicine). Her education in Tuina, the manual therapy of the Chinese Medicine, was provided by Dr. John Zhou, Bad Pyrmont, Germany, and Dr. Han Chaling, Rome, Italy. Since several years she teaches Tuina, Acupressure and Qigong within the framework of the education provided by the SMS - Societas Medicinae Sinensis. She´s also author of several scientific articles and speaker at national and international conferences and congresses.