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September 24 -25, 2021

Denise Lapides

Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Denise Divine Lapides
Denise Lapides
Divine Light Yoga and Ayurveda, USA
Title : Trauma Informed Yoga Builds Resiliency and Restores Nervous System Balance


In one definition, trauma is defined as an experience with a person, place or thing that is intolerable and unbearable. It leaves a residue, a memory, a scar that is not integrated, digested and essentially unprocessed. The difference between an experience that is defined as traumatic and stressful or upsetting, is the inability to move past it afterwards.  In other words, the nervous system cannot or has not “reset” itself and situations, people, places and things can trigger the trauma, either consciously or unconsciously and lead to debilitating and life harming behaviors, patterns and habits.

The last two decades of research in neuroscience and trauma based research demonstrates that the body holds this trauma deeply.  As is recognized, “our issues are stored in our tissues.”  (Reference unknown).  Yoga is a somatic process, “of the body” and recognizing the relationship of the body to the mind and  to the spirit provides a framework where the traumatic issue does not need to be rehashed as in only utilizing talk therapy, but is wholly recognized and moved.  This act of movement, breath, awareness and specific techniques places the ability to recognize the grip the trauma had and to completely shift the result of being triggered. A holistic approach to integrating and changing our relationship to our experience of the trauma places the power back into the hands of the one who experienced the trauma and gently dissolves the grip the trauma has on the individual.


Trauma informed yoga is a specific way of using asana, pranayama, awareness (mindfulness), and meditation to integrate, release and reform a person’s entire relationship with their trauma.  The “charge” and power that the trauma held over the person is now experienced in a different way and even though the memory is never completely forgotten, the paralyzing, fearful, and debilitating behavioral results will now be different.  The benefits of trauma informed yoga are widespread and not specific to any group that has experienced trauma. 

I intend  to introduce specific ways and means to deliver this special form of yoga, the type of training necessary, and to further the spread of this deeply nurturing way of aiding each other. 

I teach Trauma Informed Yoga teacher training courses as well as Trauma informed yoga courses. Training teachers requires a deeper understanding of what to expect with students in a classroom setting. 


Denise Divine Lapides graduated with a BA in  Behavioral Sociology and Economics from  Salem College in 1982. Over the last 21 years studied yoga and Ayurveda across the US and in India.  She has taught nearly 10,000 hours as a teacher including her own teacher trainings in her Divine Light Yoga School.  She is board certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with NAMA and is certified as a Yoga Therapist with IAYT.  Essentially Denise experiences yoga as a lifestyle and meditation as a moment to moment practice.