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September 24 -25, 2021

Tajeukem Vice Clotèxe

Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Tajeukem Vice Clotèxe
Tajeukem Vice Clotèxe
University of Buea, Cameroon
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Forest conservation around protected areas includes among others sustainable management of natural resources. This study was conducted in the area of the northern outskirts of the Boumba-Bek National Park in order to evaluate the potential use of plants in traditional medicine. Ethnobotanical surveys were conducted with local people using AFLORA survey forms. A total of 132 plant species used in traditional medicine for primary health care were identified. These plants belong to 109 genera and 45 families. 224 treatments for 101 disease symptoms were collected. These diseases include the nervous system, excretory system and nutritional function. The most recurrent diseases are cough, sexual weakness, back pain, abscess, general tiredness, malaria. Some plants such as Baillonella toxisperma, Alstonia boonei, Annonidium mannii, Ricinidendron heudelotii, Klainedoxa gabonensis, Scorodophloeus zenkeri, Swartzia sp. treat several diseases at once. The plant parts mostly used are stem bark, leaves, seeds, sap, the marrow of the bark, the pith of the stem. The main method of preparation of these recipes is decoction while the most common method of administration is oral administration. The plant resources of this village have a high potential in traditional medicine for primary healthcare. The importance index varied from plant to plant.


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