Online Event
September 24 -25, 2021

Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou

Keynote Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou
Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou
Medosophos-Institute of health and healing, Germany
Title : The healing wheel of nature principle in the chinese medicine


In the field of tension between the sun and the moon, we experience our humanity in recurring cycles. These cycles are reflected in the nature in form of the seasons, which symbolize the constant of transformation. In accordance with these laws of nature, there are deep-seated healing secrets according to the chinese medicine. Based on the ancient chinese writings and of the pictography of the character, the healing wheel of nature principle is reflected and in treatment concepts translated.


Isabel Wendt-Christodoulou completed her medical studies at the Universities of Nanjing and Beijing in original script and language. Her spectrum of knowledge in the field of medicine, healing and philosophy in combination with the experience of her daily medical and scientific work is a rich fund.