Online Event
September 24 -25, 2021

Peter A. Fricke

Keynote Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Peter A. Fricke
Peter A. Fricke
Holistic Mind Body Medicine, Germany
Title : Healing anxiety and depression with homeopathy and psychotherapy 2.0


Anxiety and depression are increasing in numbers in western societies, and even chronic physical diseases often have a psychological issue as an underlying cause. Obviously, conventional medicine is not capable to reduce these numbers. Physicians, GPs and other therapists who see this discrepancy and who want to close this gap in order to help their patients often don't know homeopathy can facilitate the solution of a long-lasting conflict, be it conscious or subconscious.


As early as a teenager Dr. Fricke wanted to learn how to be successful and happy at the same time – without wearing himself out. After graduating from medical school in Düsseldorf, Germany, he was trained in Aerospace Medicine and Flight Psychology by the US Navy in Pensacola, Florida. He became the Flight Surgeon for German Navy Jet-Pilots and Commanding Officer of the Medical Squadron in a Naval Air Wing. Then he was appointed as head of the German Department at NATO Headquarters‘ hospital in Belgium. Later he served as head of the Department of Naval Medicine and Occupational Health at the German Naval Medical Institute.

After leaving the Navy in 1994 he founded two private practices for Holistic Medicine in Kiel and Hamburg, northern Germany, and since then has been a family doctor. He developed his unique method to treat patients with ‘incurable diseases‘, when other specialist have given up on the patient. For more than 25 years he has been sharing his knowledge in lectures and workshops at international medical conferences, and for the medical and pharmacist councils in northern Germany.

For three years he was appointed Associate Professor for Naturopathy at the Dental Faculty of the Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania. His main topics are Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, Holistic Medicine, Psychotherapy 2.0, Conflict Solving, Communication and Relationship Management, Personal Development, Business Psychology and Business Development. Using his expertise in behavioral psychology and his leadership experience he has been advising companies and medical practices for efficiency and profitability for more than 15 years. By applying the principles he teaches he combines medicine and psychology with sophisticated management methods and procedures.

In his private practice he treats his patients holistically, and as an executive consultant for business owners he searches for the conscious and subconscious background of business intricacies, in order to eliminate them with advanced psychological techniques.

His intention is not only to restore someone’s health but to help healthy people become happier and more successful in their life.