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September 24 -25, 2021

Ileana Isabel Espinosa Soto

Speaker for Traditional Medicine Conference 2021 - Ileana Isabel Espinosa Soto
Ileana Isabel Espinosa Soto
Ministry of Public Health, Ecuador
Title : Ethnographic research life story of an Ecuadorian “curandera” regarding the management of fertility through the use of medicinal plants


This qualitative study has been carried out with the Life Story methodology, which derives from the Life Stories type of study. It consists of a biographical account through which subjective testimony was obtained about the herbal combinations used as therapeutic tools to inhibit and promote female fertility used by Mrs. María Gloria Ruales, a herbalist and healer from a traditional neighborhood in Quito, Ecuador. This study helps to validate the therapeutic use proposed by the expert. In addition, the possible risks of its use may be established by carrying out more in-depth phytochemical analyzes of each preparation presented in the future. The technical information in this regard will serve to reinforce the informant's traditional knowledge and prevent her from losing her knowledge over time, all in order to contribute to the quality of life and health of the population that uses this type of therapy.


Expert Physician in Medicinal Cannabis and the Endocanabinoid System. Magister in Medicinal Plants and Biological-Naturopathic Medicine. Researcher of active principles derived from plant species from Ecuadorian biodiversity. He has cared for his patients for 14 years integrating the advances of conventional medicine with alternative therapies, supplements and herbal medicine. He has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador for the elaboration of the Regulation for the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis.