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September 24 -25, 2021

Umeaku Obiefuna George

Leading Speaker for natural therapies Conferences 2021 - Umeaku Obiefuna George
Umeaku Obiefuna George
The Axis Consult, Nigeria
Title : A physiotherapy approach: Diversion therapy as an adjunct to managing chronic pain


Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which is associated with either an actual or a potential tissue damage. Pain can persist for a long duration thus the term chronic pain. Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis are the leading cause of chronic pain and as such managing such pain Raga et al, 2012. The review provides further evidence that the prevalence of chronic pain in the general population is high.

Chronic pain over time can affect our mental health, participation in activities of daily living in overall general well-being. Most medical conditions with chronic pain as its leading symptoms cannot be reversed and as such, developing safe strategies to managing chronic pain is key.

Diversion therapy is a safe way to managing chronic pain eliminating the side effects of oral analgesics.


Mr. Umeaku Obiefuna George studied physiotherapy at the University of Lagos, Nigeria and graduated in 2014. He has been practicing as a physiotherapist ever since. Has worked in various institutions cutting across primary health centre, football clubs, military hospitals, and tertiary health care facilities. He is also a public health advocator, a founder of The Axis Consult.  He has presented over 20papers with emphasis on various topics, with emphasis on public health, conducted training on various health topic issues, developing tools. He, together with his team are currently working of diversion therapy, impact of genetic modified food and developing a protocol for physical activity modification for persons with Autism spectrum disorder. He is also studying the risk of diabetes and hypertension among persons with ASD. He hopes to purse his masters and phd in public health with focus on reducing the burden of illnesses with the nature. He had presented in both local and international conferences, conduct training for other medical professionals exchanging ideas on ways to improve the health care in Nigeria.

He is also a member of Special Olympic Funfitness for physically challenged (a John Kennedy foundation), member of MANI (Mental awareness Nigeria Initiative), Member of research and ethical board Lily Hospitals Limited, Secretary to the Multi-disciplinary team meeting (Lily Hospitals Limited). He is also a member of the Medical rehabilitation therapist board of Nigeria, Member of the Nigeria Red Cross. He is also a Fitness trainer and a poet.